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Saint-Julien Clinic

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820, Thomson Road,
Mount Alvernia Hospital, Medical Centre D, #05-58
Singapore 574623

Tel: (65) 6258 5891 (view map)

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Consultant Endocrinologist
Specialty Interest: diabetes, thyroid disorders and exercise endocrinology.


MBBS (S'pore), MRCP (UK), MMed (Family Med), MCFP (S'pore), FAMS (Endocrinology)

About Dr Goh

Dr. Goh is an endocrine specialist with a special interest in diabetes, thyroid disorders and exercise endocrinology. He studied medicine at the National University of Singapore where he was awarded the Dean’s List and graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 1996.

After successfully completing his advanced specialist training in Endocrinology in 2007, he was awarded the Ministry of Health Human Manpower Development Programme Scholarship to pursue further specialist training at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and the University of Aberdeen in Scotland where he obtained with distinction a Master of Science in Molecular Exercise Physiology. Subsequently, he was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine of Singapore and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (UK).

Dr Goh is dually trained in both endocrinology and family medicine having completed a Master in Medicine (Family Medicine) and inducted as a member to the College of Family Medicine, Singapore. This has enabled him to provide a high quality of personalized and holistic specialist care. As a testament to his unique skillset, he received the Service Champion Award in 2012.

Dr Goh has an outstanding research portfolio and was awarded research grants from the National Medical Research Council, Endocrine Metabolic Society of Singapore and Alexandra Health. He has shared his findings and extensive clinical experience on exercise, diabetes prevention, thyroid diseases and sodium disorders through numerous publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and books.

Formerly a Senior Consultant and the first Head of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) Department of Medicine Unit 2 and Division of Endocrinology, he was responsible for overseeing the hospital’s endocrine subspecialty development and spearheaded key initiatives such as the thyroid service, multidisciplinary thyroid cancer protocol, inpatient diabetes protocols and diabetes exercise programme.

Currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at NUS and a Visiting Consultant to KTPH, he also sits on the board of the Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee of Anti-Doping Singapore, Singapore Sports Council. Dr Goh has a passion for teaching and has served in a number of principal educational positions including Associate Programme Director for the NHG-AHPL Internal Medicine Residency Programme. In recognition of his contribution, he was conferred the Teaching Excellence Award in 2014.

Specialized Services

• Type 2 diabetes
• Insulin requiring diabetes (Eg. type 1, LADA)
• Diabetes in pregnancy
• Diabetes with complications
• Services: Continuous glucose monitoring (CGMS), insulin pumps, eye and foot screening, dietician


• Lipid disorders including Familial Hypercholesterolemia
• Obesity
• Peri-operative bariatric surgery care
• Non-diabetic related hypoglycemia

• Thyroid nodules
• Thyroid cancer
• Hyperthyroidism
• Hypothyroidism
• Subclinical thyroid disorders
• Thyroid disorders in pregnancy

• Osteoporosis
• Hyper- and hypo-parathyroidism
• Vitamin D deficiency

• Sodium disorders
• Potassium disorders
• Calcium disorders

• Onset of hypertension at less than 50 years old
• Hypertension with hypokalemia
• Poorly controlled blood pressure
• Adrenal incidentalomas

• Acromegaly
• Cushing’s syndrome
• Nodules and incidentalomas
• Primary hyperaldosteronism (Conn’s syndrome)
• Adrenal insufficiency (Addision’s disease)
• Phaechromocytoma
• Hypopituitarism

• Diabetes mellitus
• Congenital adrenal hyperplasia
• Genetic hormonal deficiencies

• Sexual Disorders
• Hypogonadism
• Gynecomastia
• Hirsutism
• Delayed/premature puberty

We also run the following dedicated programmes for our patients:
• Diabetes education programme
• Diabetes optimisation programme
• Insulin pump programme
• Diabetic athlete programme
• Exercise programme for diabetes and weight loss
• Thyroid nodule surveillance programme
• Osteoporosis management programme
• Weight management programme

Selected Publications

1. Questions on diabetes. Core Content Review of Family Medicine. Vol 36;3April 2005 and Vol 36;4:May (2005).
2. Questions on hypothyroidism in pregnancy. Core Content Review of Family Medicine (2006).
3. Gene-Environment Interaction in the Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes. Nutritional and Therapeutic Interventions for Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. (2012) Elsevier.
4. Human evolution, metabolic, heart disease & exercise. Molecular Exercise Physiology (2014) Routledge.

Peer Reviewed Journals
1. Goh KP. Current medicine: highlights of the recently released JNC VII report. J R Coll Physicians Edinb. 2003;33:237.
2. Goh KP. Current medicine: an outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome. J R Coll Physicians Edinb. 2003;33:235.
3. Goh KP. Management of hyponatremia. American Family Physician. 2004;2387-2394.
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Letter to Editor
1. Ling Choo Lim, Su Chi Lim, Kian Peng Goh, Vivien CC Lim, Rajmohan Lekshminarayanan, Tavintharan Subramaniam, Chee Fang Sum. Is Universal Screening for detection of thyroid dysfunction in Early Pregnancy justified? Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 2007;Mar 13.

Poster and Oral Presentations
1. Goh KP, Lim SC, Yeoh LY, Gopalakrishnan R, Koh A, Chua CL, Tan WL, Ee T, Goh T, Xu XH, Ong C, Subramaniam T, Sum CF. Long term prospective follow up experience from a multi-disciplinary diabetes nephropathy clinic. 3rd World Congress of Nephrology (Delegate). Singapore. 26-30 Jun 05.
2. Goh KP, Chew KTL, Koh AFY, Guan PM, Wong YS, Sum CF. The relationship between ACE ID polymorphism and aerobic performance in Asian rugby players. 5th NHG Annual Scientific Meeting. 30 Sep 06. (Shortlisted for NHG Doctor Award).
3. KI Watt, R Judson, P Mason, K Reid, KP Goh, N Ranno, S Gray, A Ratkevicius, C De Bari, H Wackerhage. Yap1 inhibits myotube formation in C2C12 cells. The HIPPO Tumor Suppressor Pathway: A Brainstorming Workshop. Rome. 22-23 Apr 09.
4. W Chui, Goh KP. The use of Glucometrics in Evaluating the Quality of Inpatient Glycemic Control. 8th NHG Annual Scientific Meeting. 16-17 Oct 09. (Best Poster Competition Award: Nursing Category)

Research Portfolio
As Principal Investigator
1. To study the effect of an exercise program on the aerobic capacity with the use of a breath-by-breath gas analyzer and glycaemic control of type 2 diabetic patients (NMRC Enabling Grant 2004)
2. To study the relationship between the ACE I/D polymorphism and the improvement in V02max of rugby players in Singapore after a training period of one year. (NMRC Enabling Grant 2004)
3. A proof-of-concept study to investigate the exercise mimetic effects of resveratrol-induced SIRT1 activation on PGC1-alpha regulation and insulin sensitivity. (NMRC NIG Grant 2008)
4. A Proof-of-Concept Study to Investigate the Effects of Resveratrol-Induced SIRT1 Activation on Insulin Sensitivity, Physical Activity Levels and Energy Expenditure in Non-Diabetic Obese Male Chinese Subjects. (NMRC Enabling Grant 2009, EMSS Grant 2009)
5. Incidence of sodium disorders in patients admitted to an acute care hospital.
6. The effect of 3 months supplementation of oral resveratrol in type 2 DM subjects on FNDC5 levels in human skeletal muscles and plasma. (AH EG 2012)

As Co-Investigator
1. Lily and Alkermes IDAS Study: A pivotal open-label parallel study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of human insulin inhalation powder (HIIP) compared to injectable insulin in patients with diabetes and COPD or asthma (2005)
2. Developmental Pathways to Metabolic Diseases: Metabolic Physiology, Epigenetics and Body Composition in Healthy Overweight and Obese Subjects with a Fixed Range of Body Mass Index in Singapore – To Investigate the Influence of Ethnicity. (NMRC 2008)