Dr Tan Hui Hui  


Place of Practice

HOPE Gastroenterology & Liver Clinic

Practice Address

#17-16, Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre,
3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510

Tel: (65) 6836 0608

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Consultant Gastoenterologist
Subspecialty Interest: Hepatology (Liver Disease)


MBBS (S'pore) , MRCP(UK), FAMS (S'pore), FRCP (UK)

About Dr Tan

Dr Tan Hui Hui is a consultant gastroenterologist with subspecialty interest in the field of hepatology (liver diseases).

Dr Tan received her general gastroenterology training at the Singapore General Hospital and was a senior consultant of the department before she left at the end of 2017. During her stint in the public service, she was active in the teaching and training of medical students and residents.

Upon completion of her specialty training in Singapore, she did an advanced hepatology fellowship at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York. There, she received exposure and training in the management of patients with complex liver disease as well as a wide spectrum of liver conditions, such as viral hepatitis, fatty liver disease, end-stage liver cirrhosis, liver failure and liver transplantation. She was a past recipient of the Medical Research Fellowship (National Medical
Research Council) to further her work on the pathogenesis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

She has published widely in many peer-reviewed journals as first author. She has also participated in conducting numerous clinical trials in the field of hepatology and has also been an invited speaker in many local and international conferences to share her expertise and research in hepatology.

Specialized Services


Examples of diseases diagnosed and managed/treated (but are not limited to):

• Inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis)
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Cancer screening (stomach, colon)
• Helicobacter pylori
• Lactose intolerance / Malabsorption
• Evaluation of abnormal tumour markers
• Evaluation of abnormal liver function test
• Hepatitis (including Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis E)
• Fatty liver disease (non-alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic fatty liver)
• Liver cirrhosis / end-stage liver failure
• Liver cancer / tumours


Examples of symptoms evaluated (but are not limited to):

• Abdominal pain / discomfort / bloating
• Heartburn / Reflux symptoms
• Constipation / diarrhoea
• Blood in stools
• Nausea / vomiting
• Weight loss


Examples of procedures performed include (but are not limited to):

• Gastroscopy (Oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy; OGD)
• Colonoscopy and Ileoscopy
• Endoscopic polypectomy
• Endoscopic variceal ligation or sclerotherapy
• Capsule endoscopy
• Small bowel enteroscopy (single or double balloon)
• Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube insertion
• Large volume abdominal paracentesis

Sample Publications

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